Major Projects

Experiences and Major Projects of the Asashid Company:
1.    Design and Construction of Pump Station Control System for Kherad Sanat Company (KITEC).
2.    Design, Construction and Installation of water pump control panels for Utility Systems of Mobin Petrochemical in South Pars (Assaluyeh).
3.    Design and Construction of several control panels for Outfall, Cooling System, Seawater Pump Station, Main Control System, ESD, RTD Box, Substation System and Mimic Boards for Utility Systems of Mobin Petrochemical in South Pars (Assaluyeh).
4.    Design and Construction of control panels for water wells, water supply projects in Zanjan city.
5.    Manufacturing of ESD and Control System for Temporary phase and Bank B of Cheshmeh Khosh Projects.
6.    Design and Construction of control panels for automatic doors and Air handling units of Aboureyhan pharmaceutical (Clean Rooms).
7.    Manufacturing of HVAC systems control panels for various projects such as: Azadi Cinema of Tehran, Pak Plastic, Pegah Milk Industries, Jabir-ebn Hayyan Pharmaceutical, Laal Commercial Complex.
8.    Manufacturing of control system for the various projects of Air Handling System of Parto Abgardon Co.
9.    Design, Construction and Commissioning of the temperature and pressure control panel of PVC spraying line in Saipa.
10.    Design and Manufacturing of LV panels of cooling towers of Ghadir Petrochemical Project (Bandar Imam Special Economic Zone).
11.    Pipeline Replacement Project of hydrocarbons in a refinery phases of South Pars Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh).
12.    Procurement of various parts and equipment, including power systems, control, protection and Excitation from various companies such as ABB, Siemens, Phoenix for various projects including Masjed Soleiman Power Plants, Karun 3 Power Plants, Shahid Abbaspour Power Plants, Ghadir Petrochemical, Maroon Petrochemical.
13.    Design, Training and Provide required information for SCADA system in Abbaspour Power Plant (Karun-1),Client - Electricity Network Management Company of Iran.
14.    Design and Construction of DCS, F & G and ESD Systems control panels for Cheshmeh khosh oil projects including procurement of required equipments for projects such as Barrier, ABB PLC Cards.
15.    Technical Documentation of Electrical and Instrumentation of various systems for Masjed-e-Soleyman Power Plant such as Emergency hydro generator, main excitation and generator
Client Company – FARAB.
16.    Electrical cabling of TOC analyzer -section 11 of refinery located in Special Economic Zone of South Pars (Pars) - Employer SPGC.
17.    Electrical and Instrumentation cabling projects for nitrogen compressor in a first phase of refinery of South Pars Special Economic Zone (Assaluyeh) - Employer Tehran's air tools.
18.    Electricity supply for the Flare area (Unit 140) fourth refinery in the special economic zone of South Pars (Pars).
19.    Preparation and Installation of Utility lines for industrial washing area located in a special economic zone of South Pars first phase (Pars) - Employer South Pars Gas Company (SPGC).

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